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SEARCHING FOR A TUNE OR COMPOSER: To find a particular tune title, enter one or two appropriate words into the "Title" search above. For example, to find the tune "Brigadier Ronald Cheape of Tiroron" DO NOT enter the whole title. Enter 'Cheape' or 'Chea' into the 'Title' field. (Spelling mistakes will hamper your search!) If you want to see the tunes of John MacColl, enter a few letters into the 'Composer' field (i.e. 'John') and select his name from the drop-down menu.

NB: All italicized text is a live link.

There is no charge to access and download the documents in this section.

My thanks go out to Dr. William Donaldson and to Steve Scaife of Ceol Sean Bagpipe Music Books on CD for their help in securing and preparing these manuscripts. Thanks to the Piobaireachd Society for cross-linking with us to allow easier access to all of the manuscripts.

Introduction and Links to all Manuscripts
This document contains instructions on how to use this site and links to the manuscripts and indices on this site. It also contains stipulations from the National Library of Scotland on how these manuscripts can be used.

The Manuscripts
Each of the next four documents describes the manuscript named and provides links to the page groupings and the manuscript index. Note that page groupings are generally large and may require up to a minute or more of broadband or high-speed download time. 

The Angus MacKay Manuscript
The David Glen Manuscript
The Peter Reid Manuscript 
The Nether Lorn Canntaireachd 
Dr. William Donaldson's Index to Manuscripts 
This index describes the locations of tunes in all unpublished piobaireachd manuscripts. It contains links to the four manuscripts posted on this site. This is the primary index to use to find specific tunes in these four manuscripts.
Dr. Donaldson's General Published Piobaireachd Index 
This index describes the locations of tunes in all published piobaireachd texts, but it does not link to any of the manuscripts. Thanks to Dr. Donaldson for publishing it here.


The Piobaireachd Society Manuscripts
The Piobaireachd Society owns the following manuscripts and makes them available as pdf documents on their website. Click on any manuscript name below to go to the Piobaireachd Society's manuscripts page:

Donald MacDonald Volume 1

Donald MacDonald Volume 2

The Hannay-McAuslin Manuscript

The Kintarbert Manuscript of Angus MacKay

The Seaforth Manuscript of Angus MacKay